Need some creative inspiration?

Struggling with writers block? Stuck in a loop of the using the same chords? Feeling the pressure of coming up with something original?

You’re not alone.

I’ve been pressing into songwriting for a few years now. Dabbling in easy listening with teeny bits of jazz (I’m basically not clever enough to understand jazz properly). I’ve also been blessed to tour about a bit chatting with other creatives, getting involved in some workshops here and there, picking up some wisdom, you know how it is.

One of the most common creative issues is the starting point; the dreaded blank canvas!
Why does it terrify us so? Whatever it is, the struggle is real people!

So here begins the Creative Inspirations Series, a set of posts of different places to go for inspiration, a sort of digitised workshop for creatives! I’m so excited!!

Thanks, Nate


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