Nate here! Homeward Found lead vocalist. So to kick start our Creative Inspiration Series I wanted to share with you one of my go to websites for all things inspirational: If you’ve been there before you’ll know it’s incredibly impressive but if you haven’t you’ll realise pretty quickly that it’s incredibly impressive! It’s a library […]

Struggling with writers block? Stuck in a loop of the using the same chords? Feeling the pressure of coming up with something original? You’re not alone. I’ve been pressing into songwriting for a few years now. Dabbling in easy listening with teeny bits of jazz (I’m basically not clever enough to understand jazz properly). I’ve […]

I’ve always been the person that looks at bad websites, lame instagram accounts and sparse twitter feeds with despair. Even worse, I’ve spent many a social media session spiralling down spectacular sites and getting lost in beautiful photography saying to myself “I could do that.” It wasn’t until I started putting together this website… that […]