Homeward Found is a music collective with roots in South Wales, UK. The band consists of acoustic guitar and Nord keys with snaps of sax & trumpet, swells of strings, melodic grooves in the bass, driving kit. They come across real but with a positive twist, pop with jazz undertones.

Nate Orr (lead vocalist and acoustic guitar) writes the songs. His lyrics touch on the internal places, mainly coming from personal experiences but evidently looking to reach out to others where they’re at – the reality is refreshing, taking a step away from wishful thinking and embracing global issues like suffering. The music however brings an upbeat vibe, like in “Hamster in a Wheel” that says “Don’t give up!” A sort of hat doff to Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson, (without the ukes). Even the darkest places, treated with sensitivity, leave you with promise instead of regret. A strong balance well achieved!

Corben Lee (keys, trumpet, composer & arranger) works the musical magic. Yeah, Nate writes the songs, but Corben is the genius making this collective shine where it matters. Subtle homages to the adored Snarky Puppy and the sparkly Owl City are just a few of the intricacies brought in. Arrangements for woodwind, strings and percussion ground the tunes in an atmosphere appropriate for the subject matter; bold, vast, dynamically shifting.

Joining Corben in a sort of ‘power trio’ is Josh Moon (bass, keys, production) and Tim Lewis (kit and percussion). These guys are creating grooves that stick in your head but still bring those sublime surprises in all the right places, teasing you with saucy licks and fills most obviously heard in the band stabs that permeate the collectives overall feel. These are the kind of musicians you wanna hear live above all else. And then again. And again…

Currently working on their debut album, Homeward Found draw from a number of influences from across the musical spectrum, namely John Mayer, Relient K, Owl City, Jason Mraz and Snarky Puppy. It’s what makes it evidently a music collective; musicians that just love music, love artists and wanna get involved.

Previous successes of particular band members include Cardiff based The Safehouse Band with “Steady As We Go” and Nate’s solo songwriting with EP’s such as “Mustard Seed” and “Response.”