Nate here! Homeward Found lead vocalist.

So to kick start our Creative Inspiration Series I wanted to share with you one of my go to websites for all things inspirational:

If you’ve been there before you’ll know it’s incredibly impressive but if you haven’t you’ll realise pretty quickly that it’s incredibly impressive! It’s a library of high resolution photos taken by immensely talented people. The range of subjects covered is huge, I’m amazed at seeing NASA’s account filled with massive photos of nebulas alongside seeing gaping landscapes as well as chic coffee shops and famous city centres and anything else you can imagine! You can search for something specific and trawl through or just scroll down the homepage to get inspired by reams of beautiful pics. It’s all so inspiring!

That’s not all, you can use them for free in any project you want! So for all you graphic designers, go crazy downloading, photoshopping, publishing.

Homeward Found’s debut album is coming out soon and there’s gunna be a few singles preceding it. I’ve been sitting on these songs for a while now and I wanted something visual, something perfect, to link them all together. Typed in a few lyrics and themes from the album into Unsplash and I was away with ideas!

After that it’s easy, go through your normal, ordinary creative motions. The challenge is getting past the blank canvas and Unsplash is a great place to go.

We raise a glass to you Unsplash: thanks for the inspiration!


Need some creative inspiration?

Struggling with writers block? Stuck in a loop of the using the same chords? Feeling the pressure of coming up with something original?

You’re not alone.

I’ve been pressing into songwriting for a few years now. Dabbling in easy listening with teeny bits of jazz (I’m basically not clever enough to understand jazz properly). I’ve also been blessed to tour about a bit chatting with other creatives, getting involved in some workshops here and there, picking up some wisdom, you know how it is.

One of the most common creative issues is the starting point; the dreaded blank canvas!
Why does it terrify us so? Whatever it is, the struggle is real people!

So here begins the Creative Inspirations Series, a set of posts of different places to go for inspiration, a sort of digitised workshop for creatives! I’m so excited!!

Thanks, Nate

Social strategy whaa..?

I’ve always been the person that looks at bad websites, lame instagram accounts and sparse twitter feeds with despair. Even worse, I’ve spent many a social media session spiralling down spectacular sites and getting lost in beautiful photography saying to myself “I could do that.”

It wasn’t until I started putting together this website… that I realised social media is hard! #whinge

My name’s Nate. I write songs for Homeward Found and it wasn’t until I started putting together this website and the attached social media shtuff that I realised social media is hard! #whinge

Amusingly, I did a little research (if we millennial’s can really call a quick google search research) and stumbled across a load of companies that do the whole social media thing for you. There was this one particular place,, that were kind enough to be sharing their wisdom: 7 steps to promotion perfection! Amazing I thought I can do 7 steps. You would think! I clicked on one document download, to help me schedule my posts, and I fell apart! Gimme a blank sheet of A2 any day, but a google sheets calendar sent me awry with no return address..

So here I am! Nate, singer/songwriter, lead vocalist for Homeward Found, social media disaster and proud supporter of all things encouraging. And here you are! Through no help of my own (my bad), our bands’ website. Check out our music, throw us a message, send an obscure hashtag our way and stay tuned as our album is debuting seriously soon!